Eike Eplik: Exhibition materials for Shared Territory

Eike Eplik is an renowned Estonian sculptor and installation artist. In spring 2021 she had a monumental personal exhibition named Shared Territory at Tartu Art Museum. I had an opportunity to make graphic design for it, including posters, banners, social media assets, signage and spatial graphics, a booklet and a catalog. Major piece to design was the catalog in two languages, which summarizes Eplik's entire 10-year creative journey so far. My approach as a designer was neutral and was based on conveying the artist's exhibitions using photographs. Only on exhibition title pages there is a play with photographic focus-depth -- the aim was to bring the sculptures' 3-dimensional nature onto the 2-dimensional printed pages of the book. Catalog details: Fonts: Molitor Text by Matthieu Cortat for headings to reflect the quircky mode of the artist; Mote by Hrvoje Živčić for body text. Binding: section sewn binding Cover: uncoated paper to mach the subject of nature in artist works vs foil used to pair with the glossy look of ceramics, different materials in general. Pages: 296, uncoated paper for text parts, coated for photo content. Papers: Galerie Art Matt 130 g, Munken Lynx 120 g, Scandia 2000 White 270 g Printhouse: Printon Publisher: Tartu Art Museum

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